Sunday, August 29, 2010

Android Book Mobile Version 1.8

I've finally released my first cut at Amazon integration. This will hopefully be THE revenue stream. As always Book Mobile is free and ad-free. The search result screen now includes a button to open a web browser with the Amazon page for the current book. As part of this integration I now, for the first time, have some metrics about how much the application is being used. All of this is completely anonymous! The last thing I want is the responsibility keeping personal data safe from attack.

In the first 24 hours there have been 664 books successfully looked up. The sad part is that only 7 of them where clicked through to Amazon and non of those users bought anything. So far the only revenue is from last week when my wife used a beta version to buy me another Elmore Leonard paperback -- thanks honey!

This release included a large refactoring of the result screen where most of the error reports are occurring. Please update so I can fix any remaining issues! Better yet, if you are running Froyo you can look for that auto update checkbox on the market application update screen.